Frequently Asked Questions When Staying at Oaklane Kennels for Vacation...

What is Needed before Check-in?

Vaccine Records:  Please, provide current copies of the following vaccines and/or we may call your veterinarian to confirm ~

Rabies, Parvo, Distemper, and Bordetella

*In an effort to keep our guests and kennel pest free, we ask your pet(s) be up-to-date on a veterinarian prescribed Flea & Tick Preventative*

Feeding:  Most veterinarians recommend keeping your pet(s) on a regular diet.  Therefore, all dry food MUST be pre-bagged (1 bag per meal).  This allows us to monitor how much your pet(s) is eating and keeps them on their regular feeding schedule. 

*If food isn't bagged upon arrival, we charge a $5 service fee per pet(s) to bag their food*

(Feel free to bring wet, canned, or personalized feedings also)

Toys & Bedding:  We do allow toys; however, it is strongly recommended to keep all plush, squeaky, or cloth toys at home as these toys may become a choke hazard in a kennel environment.  We recommend:  hard chew toys, such as Nyla bones, tires, rope toys, and other durable, hard toys. 

Also, we do NOT allow personal bedding to minimize any chance of fleas or ticks.

*Oaklane Kennels provides the following for your guest(s) stay: 

Beds, blankets, food & water bowls*